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International Seminar 2020 Cancelled

Date and time

Friday 20. March 2020 at 09:30 to Saturday 21. March 2020 at 13:30

Registration Deadline

Friday 6. March 2020 at 23:55


Hornstrup Kursuscenter, Kirkebyvej 33, 7100 Vejle Hornstrup Kursuscenter
Kirkebyvej 33
7100 Vejle

International Seminar 2020 Cancelled

A seminar for you as a teachers at an international school or departments giving you a mix of professional speakers focusing on teaching skills, information on your work situation and membership of Frie Skolers Lærerforening (FSL) and an opportunity to  network with other international teachers.

We hope that the management at your school will see the seminar as a good opportunity for you and your colleagues to get a professional brush-up and therefore give you the Friday off to attend the seminar. You may have to “read” your lessons at another time if management asks you to do so.

Practical info

  • The meeting is free for members of FSL.
  • Accommodation and meals are included.
  • We will send you a list of the attendees before the seminar so it is possible to arrange car-pooling to Hornstrup.
  • We cover transport expenses (car or train).
  • Remember to inform us of any food allergies etc. on the application form.

Getting time off work
FSL do not cover expenses for supply teachers. We do hope that the management at your school will see the seminar as a good opportunity for you and your colleagues to get a professional brush-up and therefore give you the Friday off to attend the seminar. You may have to “read” your lessons at another time if management asks you to do so. 

Election of the international committee
We will be electing a committee consisting of 4 members and 2 substitute members. All elections are valid for one year. Re-elections are allowed. See the current international committee

For more information on the rules of the election


Friday March 20, 2020

9.30: Coffee in the lounge
10.00: Welcome. Practical information and presentation of the program and the participants
10.15-16.00: Special needs maybe not that special? Teaching and communication in the classroom that meets the needs of special needs students and enhances learning and cognitive development for the rest of the students w/ Jens Wilbrandt
Relatively simple and concrete adaptations of the classroom context, communication and teaching, play a central role in including and meeting the needs of special needs students. And just as often, most of the rest of the students benefit from these adaptations and changes. Identifying general inefficient cognitive abilities that creates learning blocks and applying methods and approaches that deals with these inefficiencies, often create awareness and enrichment of cognitive abilities in students in general.

During this day you will get a deeper understanding of the underlying cognitive factors for learning problems, get inspiration to a number of tools and adaptions that addresses and counters the learning blocks and get inspiration on how to integrate general cognitive development in you curriculum teaching. The day will also touch upon research showing that high quality inclusion and mainstream teaching shares a lot of features.

The presentation will build on an educational approach that does not focus on labeling deviation from the norm and instead point towards a greater focus on learning potential and a student’s strengths as motor for development. The content will be presented in an easy-to-understand and practical way.

About the speaker
Jens Wilbrandt is a psychologist and has extensive experience working with children with special needs, both in primary school and higher education. His knowledge of inclusion and special educational approaches is founded in his background as a university researcher in educational psychology. He has developed his more practical knowledge of classroom strategies through many years of employment in special educational settings for students with a wide range of developmental and learning challenges such as attention problems, social and language problems etc. His ability to convey his knowledge and perspectives in a practical and understandable manner has grown out of experience as a supervisor, consultant and teacher in a wide variety of contexts. His perspective rises from a thorough neuropsychological foundation and work with mediated learning, dynamic assessment and other approaches that strive to uncover hidden learning potentials. For more information, see: and

16.30-19.00: Significant parents – an act of love w/ Rikke Yde Torndrup
Some parents get so involved that they end up working against the interests of teachers and educators. The collaboration comes to a grinding halt - and it affects the children.

Who are the significant parents? What drives them? What consequences does their behaviour have for their children and their development? And how can teachers and educators handle parents with high demands and strong feelings in a constructive and professional way - even when a conflict arises?

You will get some of the answers in this presentation by psychologist Rikke Yde Torndrup, who for 20 years has advised and taught teachers and educators and lectured on the subject.

Rikke’s presentation is a kind scolding for edgy parents, but also for teachers and educators. It shows new ways and reminds us that in any adult conflict, children get caught in the middle and that it’s

the responsibility of adults to solve the problems and create a good framework for the children - both professionally, socially and within the community.

About the speaker
Rikke Yde Torndrup cand.psyk., authorized psychologist and specialist in clinical child psychology. In addition to her practice, Rikke supervised teachers, educators, psychologists and others who work with children's development. She is a guest teacher at Aalborg University and lecturer and author of several books.

Kl. 19.30: Dinner
Kl. 21.00: Surprise

Saturday March 21, 2020

7.30-9.00: Breakfast and check out
9.00-10.30: Annual meeting w/ chairman Óscar Manero

  • Welcome
  • Election of a chairman of the meeting and a keeper of the minutes
  • The chairman’s report
  • Submitted suggestions
  • Election of four committee members for the next period
  • Election of two committee member substitutes for the next period
  • Other

10.30-11.00: Coffee
11.00-12.30: What’s up in FSL? w/ Uffe Rostrup, Chairman of Frie Skolers Lærerforening
Listening to the president of FSL is always interesting - him being a great teller and listener. Ask all the questions you might have to how things are done in FSL, your salary, work hours etc.
12.30-13.00: Evaluation and goodbye
13.00: Lunch

Event Location

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Organizer Contact Information

Frie Skolers Lærerforening
Phone: +45 87469110

Organizer Contact Information

Frie Skolers Lærerforening
Phone: +45 87469110